Meet The TeaM

“We have a great team of multi-generational leaders who are being or have been trained in various areas that bring a myriad of talent and experience to our young ladies we serve.  We continue to learn and grow as we guide the next generation to continuously complete the cycle and old African proverb of each one teach one.”



Program Assistant

I love that I am able to be myself and grow a sister bond between all of the ladies who are apart of Princess to Q.U.E.E.N.S.



Art Director

I love Princess to Q.U.E.E.N.S. because the program teaches them about GOD and how to build a relationship with Him. It's also teaching them how to be a strong black woman that will make a difference in their communities.



Digital Media Strategist 

Web Designer

What I love about PQ is that it is an amazing program that teaches black girls to be strong, independent young women that is lead by faith. I love the sisterhood that they make with each other. I love the bonds that we, the leaders, have with the girls. 



Creative Director

I love that this is a program dedicated to the grooming and success of young African American girls. They do it with passion and excellence!



Program Director

I love the girls in the program I see them all as my little sisters, my babies. I love that I am able to give back and pour into the next generation and helping to guide them through life. I also, love all the leaders that are involved with Princess to Queens, we are truly a family. 

Nicole Webster


"I absolutely love learning from all of the ladies, leaders, and volunteers. Starting the program my thought was, I have so many things I can teach them. God has a funny way of humbling us and putting us right where we need to be. I need to be here. I’ve learned so much while teaching them and mentoring my leaders. I am truly grateful."



Program Assistant

What I love most about the program from then in 2014, to now as an alumnus, is the true connections you make with the other girls in the program. Throughout the time, you go through personal progression mentally and spiritually. Though it can be a challenge getting to know yourself, having your sisters by your side, that is what can be worth the headache and internal conflict, them there to see you succeed in the end. 




I love that I am able to be myself and grow a sister bond between all of the ladies who are apart of Princess to Q.U.E.E.N.S.




I love that in Princess to Q.U.E.E.N.S. sisterhood is created and strengthened. I appreciate that our young ladies are able to explore themselves in our weekly meetings/boot camps and learned how to connect with God. Witnessing the blossoming of some of our young ladies warms my heart. 



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