June 2021

Words of Wisdom

Look in the mirror and remind yourself, you are a masterpiece. God created you and He created you with all His love. Just as God created you with love Take time to love on you. Give yourself a love shower; taking time out just for you. When you love you, you are able to love on others.

- Zakia Brewer

Birthday Shoutout


As we finish up our last bootcamps we have tentative dates for our showcase recording between the days June 28th to July 2nd. We will send out the final dates as soon as possible. Please be sure to watch the Parent Meeting Update video to receive all the information on Saturday Bootcamps, showcase recording dates, payments, and other important information. As we are closing off the year please be sure your child attends the rest of the bootcamps. These bootcamps are all mandatory and important that your child comes to practice, learn, and get prepared for the showcase.


Thank you for allowing your child to be part of the program and we pray to see all of your lovely faces next year. As always we will take it up another level. Princess to Queens loves you all and hopes everyone has a nice summer.


Thank you to all the mothers and girls who attended our first annual Mother Daughter Convention. We had a wonderful turnout and we pray you all received what you needed to continue to strengthen your mother-daughter relationships.


If your child is part of the Candidacy Program/Orchid we are providing an opportunity for your child to apply for a summer internship position with us from July to August an 8 week intern, ages 14-18 are welcome. If you have any follow up questions please contact Ms. Zakia.


Please make sure we have all your contact information to let you know when Princess to Queens will start again next school year.

Shannon Davis  June 4th

Zaryonna Holloway June 6th

Nyla Henderson June 18th

Michael'a Crowe  June 29th


The End of The School Year….Showcase 2021!


As we approach the end of the school year and look back over the past year I hope your hearts are filled with appreciation that we’ve all grown in some way. I have been amazed at the resilience of the girls who have remained committed to the program during such a different time in our lives. Thank you for allowing them to participate. Thank you for dropping them off and picking them up. Thank you for trusting us with your precious young ladies. My hope is that they all return next school year and invite a friend to join them. Princess to QUEENS will continue on hopefully in person at each campus! We pray your child returns to a Cornerstone School. If not please reach out to us as we would love to figure out how they can still stay involved and connected. Visit our revamped website for information and stay connected to social media for all updates and news.


Soon we will begin recording the Showcase, “A Woman’s World”. The ladies have worked really hard this year to be able to showcase all they have learned. Please be patient with us as we plan the schedule. If there are any days that you know you and your child will be out of town between June 25-July 2, 2021, please inform us so we can schedule the recording days to accommodate for their absence. We want them to be able to participate. Again thank you for everything this past year. Looking forward to next school year!


Blessings and love 🙏🏾😇❤️

Mrs. Nicole Webster

Shining Light

Leader Mrs.Brockman: Mrs. Brockman has be involved and supported P2Q since being a principal at the Cornerstone JDA campus. She started assisting us with teaching the girls how to sew and extending herself to volunteer and help in any way she can. She has been a blessing and we are so thankful that she is part of the P2Q team. Thank you Mrs. Brockman for all you have done. We also want to congratulate Mrs. Brockman on receiving her Master of Education in Educational Leadership. Black Women Rock!

Student Aubrei James: Aubrei has been part of P2Q since last school year. We want to acknowledge her growth while being in the program. This year she is shining bright during our bootcamps by always being in attendance and giving her all in the categories she is part of. We love her energy and personality. Keep shining bright Aubrei!


Message from the Founder

Spring Community Service | For the months of Spring, we encourage you to participate in our environment-friendly community service challenge while at home, school, or even with Princess to Q.U.E.E.N.S. As you do some of the mentioned challenges on our flyer, take pictures and/or share them with us on our social media platforms


Princess Pantry & Queens Qloset | We’re now accepting contributions to our Princess Pantry, which we’ll be donating to families in need. Please refer to our attached flyer for more information.

Community Service

Saturday Bootcamps

 May 5th, 12th, 26th

Friday Fun-Day

June 18th

Showcase Recording

June 28th-30th

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